Our Wheelchairs

At Walk on Wheels we stock a variety of self-propelled and transit wheelchairs in a range of sizes including bariatric and paedeatric.

If you are going to be propelling the wheelchair yourself, you will need to look at “self propelling” wheelchairs which have large rear wheels. They still have push handles at the back so someone else can push you if need be. The larger wheels are easier to use when going up a kerb or over uneven surfaces.

If you do not have the strength to propel yourself and will need help from someone else to push the chair, a “transit” wheelchair is the right option for you. This style of wheelchair has smaller rear wheels and are often more compact and easier to fold and put into a car boot (though it’s common for self-propelling wheelchairs to have “quick release” wheels).

Mobility Rentals: Try before you buy

A great way to confirm that a specific piece of equipment is perfect for you is to rent. We offer rental equipment at reasonable prices for both short and long-term hires. This option is ideal for family members to see how independence can be enhanced in the home setting and can also give the user time to gain confidence and check suitability in your own time.

Self-propelled Wheelchair

With the larger rear wheels, users of these wheelchairs are able to propel themselves for short distances. This more basic style wheelchair is designed for short term use and is a good option if occasional use is required, or as a back up to a powerchair or mobility scooter. ​

Transit wheelchairs

Transit Wheelchairs are propelled by an attendant. The frame folds and they are easily stored in the back of a vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Wheelchair prices vary according to needs. We stock a wide range of wheelchairs from $450 upwards. 

​At Walk on Wheels we do have a selection of second hand wheelchairs to purchase. All our wheelchairs have been checked by our engineer prior to going on the shop floor. Availability can be limited at certain times of the year. Please contact us for more information.

​Like all mobility aids this really comes down to your specific needs. By contacting us or visiting us at our Penrose Showroom we would be happy to discuss the best wheelchair to suit you or your loved one’s needs and requirements.
​Transit wheelchairs are the easiest to transport as they have smaller wheels and are therefore lighter to carry and take up less space. What materials your wheelchair is made of can make a huge difference in weight and maneuverability.

Come and visit our mobility showroom

Our showroom in Penrose, Auckland stocks a full range of mobility products including Mobility Scooters, Power Chairs, Walkers and Wheelchairs. We’d love to meet you there!


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